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Cosplay Costumes Japan makes, sells and delivers you fully custom-made cosplay costumes! You will get a costume made just for you! We deliver our costumes to the world.

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Assassin's Creed Rogushei

Assassin's Creed Rogushei

Aikatsu! Seira Otoshiro

Seira Otoshiro

Samurai Warriors 4 Takakage Kobayakawa

Samurai Warriors 4
Takakage Kobayakawa

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


Hitsugi Yasaka

Touken Ranbu Tsurumaru Kuninaga

Touken Ranbu
Tsurumaru Kuninaga

Overwatch Tracer


Hellraiser III Pinhead

Hellraiser III

 Idol Master  Tendo Teru

Idol Master
Tendo Teru

Customers' Voice

Ezio Auditore from Assasin's Creed II

"Ezio Auditore" from Assasin's Creed II

Thank you so much for making such a great costume!! This was the first time I ordered one so I was so worried if the fit would be good and if I could trust an online shop. However, thanks to the staff's rapid and polite support, my worries gradually changed into excitement. When I recieved the costume, I got really excited because it was so much higher in quality than I imagined. It was a bit pricey but by trying it on, as it was an unique custom-made just for me, I realized how it fit perfectly and that it is worth so much more than the price! I am really happy I ordered my costume at Cosplay Costumes Japan. All my thanks to Mr. Shinagawa, the store manager, and all of the other staff!! I am willing to order my future costumes at Cosplay Costumes Japan. I also want to introduce Cosplay Costumes Japan to my friends and show them how great you are!! :) Thank you so much!! 

Jack Krauser from Resident Evil 4

"Jack Krauser" from Resident Evil 4

Thank you very much for such a beautiful costume!! The costumes that Cosplay Costumes Japan makes are always of a very high quality and wearing them makes me happy. If I were to order a costume of a character I love, it would definitely be at this shop! That's what I have decided. I went out for an event today...and thanks to the beautiful costume, I could handle the whole day without any worries...! I can't wait for the next costume from your shop. I love all of you at Cosplay Costumes Japan!!

Zidane Tribal from FINAL FANTASY IX

"Zidane Tribal" from FINAL FANTASY IX

Sorry for my late reply. This is Oto. I ordered a costume of Zidane Tribal from FF9 from you guys. Around this time in June, I wore the costume you made for me and took part in the event. The final product was really good, and my fellow cosplayers gave me a lot of compliments. I'm sure that my nitpicky requests were a hassle to your staff and production team. But, I'm glad that I made those requests. Thank you so much! In the future, I will be sure to order again from
In particular, I was pleased that the level of perfection of the costume was so high despite being the first attempt at a cosplay outfit for this character. Three cheers for you!


Our Atelier

Our Atelier in Cosplay Costumes Japan

We have been in business for 10 years and over 5000 wear records.
Our atelier specialized in cosplay production is in Tokyo Akihabara.
Please contact us with confidence.

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